7 Special Uses Of Custom Challenge Coins

The distribution of challenge coins started way back World War 1 when a military unit leader gave these coins to the members of his unit. Those coins served as a form of identity for those soldiers. It became a token of allegiance, too. The coin bore the insignia or special symbols of that particular unit. The members were expected to remain loyal to their group. When they were assigned to other units, they were also given new challenge coins. Most of them kept these as mementos.

Challenge CoinsChallenge coins during those timeswere also used to “challenge” other members of a particular unit.When a soldier placed down his coin on a table and challenged another soldier, the challenged soldier should bring out his coin and show it to others. If he failed to do so, he would have to pay for the drinks of the challenger and those that have their challenge coin with them. However, if the challenged person were able to show his coin, then the challenger would have to bear the same consequence.

Today, the popularity of custom challenge coins is steadily rising. Nevertheless, they are not used as a form of identity or as a challenge to othersanymore. Most people order challenge coins to use as the following:

1. Recognition. Companies award custom challenge coins to faithful and loyal employees.It is the company’s way of thanking and appreciating the employees for their length of service and stellar performance to the company.

2. Build relationship. Among colleagues or family, having customchallenge coinscan deepen the bonds towards one another. The coins could contain the family’s or the group’s motto or beliefs and remind them of their relationship and responsibility with one another.

3. For practical purposes. Custom challenge coins are given away as gifts or souvenir items. Those who are familiar with challenge coins, such as military personnel or in the fire or police departments, appreciate the value of these coins as gifts.They could alsobe made as a pendant for necklace and bracelet. Some coin designs allow for keychains to be held. Newer designs of these coins are made to be bottle openers.

4. Display.For each challenge coin, there is an attached story. Maybe that first coin is about the war while the second one is the token during their 15th anniversary and so on. They are usually placed on glass shelves or frames where visitors can see them.

5. Family heritage. Custom challenge coins can be passed from one generation to the next.Fortunately, challenge coins are durable and they can actually last for decades, even for a lifetime, when proper care is given to them.They will indeed be a good legacy to hand down to the younger generation, accompanied with the stories that go along with them.

6. Be a collector ofchallenge coins.One can also start a collection of these coins. Some challenge coins can cost a lot.Other people collect challenge coins as their hobby. There are many celebrities and famous government officials who collect challenge coins. Three US presidents have a collection of challenge coins, too. They are former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush. The current president, President Obama is also a collector.

7. Appreciation. Challenge coins were used to show appreciation to soldiers who sacrificed and showed exemplary performance during the battle. However, most of these soldiers werehired mercenaries and were not deemed to be worthy of receiving such tokens. Still, some officials awarded these soldiers with coins albeit secretly. They would shake the hands of the soldiers and transfer the coin to them. Today, these coins are used publicly to appreciate deserving officials and civilians, alike.

Lanyards as Marketing Tools

Lanyards were originally used for military purposes as far back as the middle Ages. Eventually, they became fashion statements. Nowadays, lanyards are used for identification and are also used to keep small items like pens, mobile phones, or keys close to the user. They are also used to market items. Lanyards, especially badge lanyards, are utilized to keep key cards, name badges, USB drives, and other small important items.

badge lanyardsOriginally, a lanyard had roots in nautical history. It was originally a rope used to fasten an object to a ship. During the 1800s, lanyards became a piece of fabric or cord used to secure a whistle, knife, or other items close to a person. Modern lanyards are now made of various materials, colors, and printing styles to fit any need. Blank badge lanyards are on hand for people who want a useful yet simple device with a professional look.

Lanyards can convey messages and are increasingly becoming powerful marketing tools. They can be customized to showcase a charitable cause or a business. They can also show a person’s political affiliation or proclaim a company’s corporate values to employees, the public, or volunteers. Excellent for standing out or blending in are lanyards in camouflage colors like green or desert. Either imprinted with a message or left blank, camo badge lanyards have a dye sublimated ink through the polyester cord. This makes the lanyard less likely to fade.

The usual lanyard materials are tubular, nylon, woven, or polyester. Every type offers unique features best for particular uses. Tubular lanyards are economical. At a reasonable cost, polyester lanyards offer high performance and high value. The logo or message is then imprinted on to the polyester and offers clear design and detail. As for woven polyester lanyards, the messages or text – instead of being silkscreened – are woven with the polyester thread. However, woven lanyards cannot reproduce legible intricate or difficult designs, only the simpler ones.

Aside from marketing purposes, badge lanyards can be used elsewhere especially in businesses, schools, trade shows, government agencies, and other entities that use identification cards in lanyards. Security issues have prompted lanyards’ use in public places. Additionally, lanyards are used to carry keys, cellphones, lip balm, pens, and water bottles, among other smaller object while the wearer’s hands are kept free.

The lanyard’s main components are the hardware and the material. Lanyard sizes range from cords of 1/8” cord to 3/8”, 5/8”, ½” and 1” wide polyester, nylon, and cotton. Various lanyard attachments include O-ring, bulldog clips, and snap hooks. Until recently, lanyards were built from a continuous material with no breaks. Recent safety issues in the workplace, however, have stipulated the neck lanyards to come with a breakaway connector allowing the lanyard to be released from the person’s neck if it gets snagged or caught. The ‘safety’ or breakaway connectors come in flat and cord lanyard materials.

Lanyards made of nylon and cotton come in various colors. Moreover, metal ball chains are sold typically with a ‘silver’ and nickel finish. In the 1990s, custom imprinted lanyards appeared. Since that time, customized badge lanyards with logos, names, and messages have been gaining popularity. The best lanyard materials for printing are nylon or cotton with widths of 3/8” to ¾ inches.

Custom lanyards are used for school and business ID cards, fundraisers, trade shows, stadium events, class and family reunions, and religious retreats, among others. Lanyards will not go away anytime soon and they will only continue to be popular as marketing or identification tools. Major security issues have mandated their use – from government agencies to schools. Aside from being affordable marketing tools, lanyards are also perfect for carrying small-sized objects.

HCG – Tests, Levels, and Targets

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced by a portion of the placenta called the syncytiotrophoblast, after the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall (also known as implantation). HCG levels are measured through blood test or urine test. There are two types of HCG tests: qualitative and quantitative. A quantitative HCG test measures the amount of HCG found in the blood. On the other hand, a qualitative HCG test simply detects if HCG is present in the urine or blood.

Why Is HCG Test Done?

HCG tests are done to check if a woman is pregnant. Likewise, these tests are also used to detect ectopic pregnancy. Detection of molar pregnancy is also done using HCG test. Possible birth defects are also detected using HCG in combination with other screening tests.

Germ cell cancers, such as those that affect the testicles and the ovaries, are detected using HCG tests. The treatment of these cancers also depends on the result of these tests. In this case, alpha-fetoprotein test is done together with an HCG test.

Interpretation Of HCG Levels

Pregnancy testHigh levels of HCG can be interpreted as a sign of multiple pregnancies. It can also mean that the baby has Down syndrome; it could also be indicative of a molar pregnancy. If your HCG levels are very high, it can also mean that your pregnancy is further than originally estimated (based on the last menstrual period).

In a non-pregnant woman as well as in a man, high levels of HCG can mean that there’s a growing germ cell tumor. It can also signify the presence of cancer in the pancreas, lungs, large intestine, stomach or liver.

On the other hand, low levels of HCG can mean that your pregnancy is on an earlier stage as estimated based on your last menstrual period (LMP). For pregnant women, low levels of HCG indicate the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy or the death of the fetus inside the womb. If the HCG levels of a pregnant woman is dropping abnormally, the possibility of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is very high.

HCG for Infertility

Women who are suffering from infertility are given gonadotropin fertility medication. They contain luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, or both. These hormones play a big role in ovulation or egg production. In the early stage of the menstrual cycle, human menopausal gonadotropin or recombinant human follicle stimulating hormone can be injected intravenously for 12 days, to women with low hormone levels and are not ovulating.

These hormones are supposed to help develop mature follicles for ovulation. If successful and mature follicles have developed, this means the ovary is ready to ovulate. During this time, one dose of HCG is used to boost ovulation. In the case of men, luteinizing hormone boosts the production of testosterone, while FSH encourages sperm formation. If a man has low FSH and testosterone levels, HCG injections will be given 3 times every week until the testosterone level reaches the normal range. It takes about 4 to 6 months for this to happen. The treatment will continue with HCG injections twice per week and FSH or HMG given 3 times a week, until the sperm count levels are within normal range.

Combined treatments for infertility have a success rate of 30 to 60 pregnancies out of 100 women who do not ovulate. It means this combination gonadotropin treatment is effective in inducing ovulation. But you have to take note that of those successful pregnancies, 35% ends up in miscarriage.

While undergoing gonadotropin treatment, it is a must to monitor your egg follicle development frequently through blood test or ultrasound to prevent the ovaries from hyperstimulating.

Cheap Tricks to Get Golf Clubs at a Cheap Price

Getting golf clubs at a low price can be very tricky for a lot of people. Majority of them are afraid to try golf since they feel that it’s a sport that’s too expensive for them to even try. Nothing is farther from the truth. There are ways to get them at a low price.

Most people don’t have the slightest clue when it comes to buying clubs at a cheap price. There are a lot of places out there that can offer great clubs at an affordable cost.

All a person really has to do is to take a few moments of his time to look for them. Below are a few tips for those who want to buy a new set of golf clubs at a low price.

Checking the internet

The internet is probably the best “place” a person can go to if he wants to get clubs at a very low price. The great thing about the internet is that people can always surf it whether they’re at home or on the go. A person doesn’t have to physically go to a store to look for a good club.

There’s a cornucopia of websites out there that offer cheap clubs for the everyday man. Finding them will take a bit of effort, but it will still be worth it in the end.

Online stores are great places to start the search for cheap golf clubs.

Waiting for Black Friday

Golf ClubsBlack Friday is that time of the year when the price of almost everything begins to drop to incredibly affordable prices. The upside to this is that at this point of the year, a person can find affordable clubs almost anywhere. There are brick and mortar stores and online retailers that sell incredibly cheap clubs.

The downside to buying clubs on Black Friday is the competition. There are a lot of other golfers out there just waiting for the opportunity to get the clubs that they’ve been waiting for all year at an incredibly low price. It’s basically a rush to get the cheapest golf clubs possible.

Going to a brick and mortar shop

Brick and mortar stores are almost falling out of style. Most people nowadays like buying their equipment from the internet. The hassle of having to travel to the store and browse through a limited selection can be aggravating for some. Furthermore, the chances of walking into a brick and mortar store and finding clubs at a discounted price can be quite slim.

The upside to this is that going to a brick and mortar store to buy a club allows a golfer to, literally, take a swing with it. Fitting a club is very important as most experienced golfers would know. Sure, having to travel from one store to another to look for a good deal can be challenging, but at the end of the day finding a club that fits well to a person’s swing can be priceless.

Buying them secondhand

Getting a club secondhand is one of the easiest ways to buy clubs at a cheap price. Sure, it might not be new, but the condition it’s in can still offer the golfer excellent value in terms of a price to performance ratio.

There are plenty of websites out there that sell secondhand clubs. Finding them will only take a few minutes. A majority of them sell clubs of excellent quality. Some of them even have a team to inspect all the golf clubs that go through their doors to see if they’re still worth selling. So, there’s no need to worry about getting something subpar.


Online stores are great places to start the search for cheap golf clubs.

3 Steps To Better SEO Overall

There are many paths to getting SEO on your page. You can either move forward with onsite or offsite solutions. Too many people are already working on these options, and that will make or break your movement forward. If you’re in a crowded marketplace and everyone in the competition is already working on search engine optimization, than you are going to need to do more than just implement simple seo options. You will need to chase a variety of different things. It’s unfortunate that some people assume that internet marketing relies only on few things overall. There are several pieces that you need to chase and if you do them correctly, then you will get the rewards. Do it wrong, do it rushed or miss out on the right elements and you are going to end up with improper placement and lackluster traffic as a result. The following 3 steps to better search engine optimization will help you get on the way with the right pieces. These pieces are a matter of finding the right path amidst the competition that you may have in place right now.

Get A Full Search Engine Optimization Report

SEOYou first need to assess where you are at. You can either get a free report online or you could pay someone to do this for you. You need to know where your placement is, where your keywords are most effective, and what elements you need to work on overall. If you are not sure what to work on, or you are missing out on the bigger picture in any way, you will end up with lackluster results. You want to chase the right elements, and that means that you need to work on SEO in a very concise manner. That can only happen if you have a full report of where you stand right now. If you aren’t clear where you stand, then you cannot make goals for the future.

Hire Professional Content Managers

The next step to this is in regards to getting content managers in your corner. Focusing on the content that you’re producing is key, and if you do not have time to build it yourself, then get someone else to help you with this. Do not assume that you can do it all on your own, because you will fail miserably. In order to get the most out of content marketing, get someone that knows what they are doing to help you build it, and then publish hit in appropriate places. When all of this is in place, you will end up with great professional elements and you will gain a reach that goes across the internet in a great manner. Just remember, do not do this alone, it will not bode well. To know more visit www.nyseoexplode.com.

Hire A SEO Firm

The last step here is to make sure that you work with a SEO firm that knows what they are doing. Don’t make haste here, hire someone that knows your industry and can help you make the most movements forward. If you hire the wrong company, you will end up missing out on the greater good that can come from this. Always seek out the improvement of your optimization through a good firm, and then stay the course. If you hire the right company, they will increase your profit margins and keep you with a good placement in terms of search engines.

The 3 steps for better optimization is a matter of what professionals are doing today. There are few companies that will disagree with the steps above, especially in highly competitive industries. Too often, people assume they can get it done without the elements above, and that’s not a good thing. Chase things appropriately, and reap the rewards over time.